Property One Group.

Using the right calculation to make the right decision

An accurate valuation at the various different points in a property’s life cycle forms the basis for purchase, investment or sale decisions. Together with the Property One potential analysis, this process allows often hidden value reserves to be identified and included in the valuation.

We value investment properties of all use types, applying recognised valuation methods in the process. The valuation aims to highlight the real value of the property. The right method is selected depending on the type of property and the motivation behind the valuation.

Our neutral valuation reports provide a well-founded basis for decisions regarding:

  • Acquisitions or sales
  • Investments or renovation projects
  • Division of estates or matrimonial property
  • Periodic valuations of individual properties or portfolios

A valuation that taps into hidden potential – get in touch with us.

Marcel Egger

Partner, Head Investment Management