Property One Finance

The company

Property One – The Real Estate Hub

Vision and mission


We use sustainable and innovative solutions to create added value for our clients and spark enthusiasm for the world of real estate.

We provide services spanning the entire real estate value chain. With our four clearly structured business units, we combine expertise in the fields of investment management, development and planning, marketing and real estate family office under one roof. We combine real estate expertise with knowledge of financial investments.



With our committed team, we cover all areas in-house, ensuring successful project completion that is both time- and cost-efficient. We give interested investors and potential borrowers access to subordinated financing. Furthermore, we can also act as a central interface for all of the players involved in a project with regard to planning, coordination and organisation, both for private clients and for professional investors. We keep a constant eye on market developments and reach out to the various service providers at the appropriate time. We arrange financing, coordinate development and planning, support the various construction phases, ensure that quality standards are adhered to, take care of the marketing side of things and structure customised participation models. Serving our clients’ interests is always at the heart of our endeavours.


Passion – we are motivated and have a passion for our day-to-day work
Teamwork – we treat each other with respect, fairness and recognise each other’s achievements
Performance – we are committed to quality and innovation
Entrepreneurial spirit – we strive to remain dynamic, creative and independent at all times

Facts and figures

Independent, owner-run company limited by shares owned by five shareholders, four of whom are involved in the company’s operations.

Kevin Hinder, Co-Founder, CEO
Roman Oberholzer, Co-Founder, Head of Development, Planning & Building
Marcel Egger, Head of Investment Management
Claudio Dalla Corte, Partner, Head of Real Estate Family Office

Advisory Board
Property One Partners AG
Claudio Möhr, Kevin Hinder

Property One Investors AG
Claudio Möhr, Kevin Hinder

Property One Ticino SA
Claudio Möhr, Duncan Voormolen, Kevin Hinder, Philippe Frutiger

Number of employees
26, as at 1 November 2019

Current projects

Company development / participating interests

Company development
2012: establishment of Property One Partners AG
2013: establishment of Property One Investors AG

2019: establishment of Property One Ticino SA, Ascona, and branch opening
2020: opening of Property One branch in Zug

Participating interests
2019: Hyrock AG, Zurich (participating interest)