Property One Finance


We provide you with support at all stages in a property’s value chain as a long-term partner.

Property One provides services spanning the entire real estate value chain. We combine expertise in the fields of investment, financing, development, execution and marketing as well as real estate family office under one roof.

As a competent team, we cover all areas in-house, ensuring successful project completion that is both time- and cost-efficient. We give interested investors and potential borrowers access to subordinated financing. Furthermore, we can also act as a central interface for all of the players involved in a project with regard to planning, coordination and organisation, both for private clients and for professional investors. We keep a constant eye on market developments and reach out to the various service providers at the appropriate time. We arrange financing, coordinate development and planning, support the various construction phases, ensure that quality standards are adhered to, take care of the marketing side of things and structure customised participation models.